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Learning Disabilities

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Biomechanical Assessment and Biofeedback-training System for Handwriting
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Jan 31, 2019
First Received: Jan 30, 2019
Disease(s): Writing Learning Disability
Intervention(s): Biofeedback Training, Motor Training
Locations: National Cheng-Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
Effects of Oxytocin on Reinforcement Learning
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Feb 19, 2019
First Received: Feb 19, 2019
Disease(s): Learning Disabilities
Intervention(s): intranasal oxytocin, intranasal placebo
Locations: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC), Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Ambulatory Screening for Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) and Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD).
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Oct 18, 2019
First Received: Oct 10, 2019
Disease(s): Specific Developmental Disorders of Speech and Language, Specific Learning Disorder, Dyslexia, Developmental, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Dyspraxia
Intervention(s): Diagnostic of specific learning disabilities or of Developmental Coordination Disorder
Locations: Office-based general practioner, Strasbourg, Alsace, France
Improving STEM Outcomes for Young Children With Language Learning Disabilities
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Jul 24, 2019
First Received: Feb 20, 2018
Disease(s): Specific Language Impairment
Intervention(s): Science + Phonological Awareness, Science + Grammar Intervention, Science + Vocabulary Intervention
Locations: University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, United States
Natural Treatments for the Management of Emotional Dysregulation in Youth With Non-verbal Learning Disability (NVLD) and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Jun 19, 2019
First Received: Nov 29, 2018
Disease(s): Non-verbal Learning Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Autism
Intervention(s): Open-label Treatment with Omega-3 Fatty Acids + Inositol, Open-label Treatment with N-acetylcysteine
Locations: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
The Becoming of Children With Doose Syndrome
Status: Not yet recruiting
Last Changed: Aug 07, 2019
First Received: Aug 07, 2019
Disease(s): Doose Syndrome, Epileptic Syndromes, Learning Disabilities
Intervention(s): questionnaire
Memantine for the Treatment of Social Deficits in Youth With Disorders of Impaired Social Interactions
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Nov 20, 2019
First Received: Jun 12, 2018
Disease(s): Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disability
Intervention(s): Memantine Hydrochloride, Placebo
Locations: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Interventions for Reading Disabilities in NF1
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Feb 22, 2019
First Received: Nov 16, 2016
Disease(s): Neurofibromatosis Type 1, Learning Disability, Reading Disability, NF1
Intervention(s): Lovastatin, reading tutoring intervention, Placebo Oral Tablet, Other Academic "sham" tutoring
Locations: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Learning and Memory
Status: Not yet recruiting
Last Changed: Apr 18, 2019
First Received: Oct 24, 2018
Disease(s): Brain Diseases, Memory Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Impairment
Intervention(s): Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound Pulsation, SHAM Ultrasound
Evaluation of Parent Intervention for Challenging Behaviour in Children With Intellectual Disabilities (EPICC-ID)
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Dec 19, 2019
First Received: Mar 22, 2017
Disease(s): Challenging Behaviour
Intervention(s): Level 4 Stepping Stones Triple P (SSTP)
Locations: Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom
Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom
Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle, United Kingdom