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Neural tube defects

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Patch vs. No Patch Fetoscopic Meningomyelocele Repair Study
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Sep 12, 2019
First Received: Jan 04, 2019
Disease(s): Neural Tube Defects
Intervention(s): fetoscopy
Locations: Stanford University: Lucille Packard's Children's Hospital, Stanford, California, United States
Texas Childrens Hospital, Houston, Texas, United States
Status: Not yet recruiting
Last Changed: Nov 24, 2017
First Received: Nov 24, 2017
Disease(s): Neurogenic Bladder Due to Spinal Dysraphism
Intervention(s): Implantation of ACT balloon, Uromedica (Irvine, CA, USA) periurethrally at the bladder neck
Locations: Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Marseille, Marseille, France
Vitamin B9 Supplementation Recommendations in Rennes CHU
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Dec 12, 2019
First Received: Dec 12, 2019
Disease(s): Spina Bifida or Spinal Dysraphism
Intervention(s): Questionnaire
Locations: CHU de Rennes, Rennes, France
In-Utero Endoscopic Correction of Spina Bifida
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Apr 27, 2020
First Received: Apr 27, 2020
Disease(s): Neural Tube Defects, Spina Bifida, Myelomeningocele
Intervention(s): In Utero Endoscopic Correction of Myelomeningocele IDE - Percutaneous Technique, In Utero Endoscopic Correction of Myelomeningocele IDE - Laparotomy/Uterine Exteriorization Technique
Locations: Huntington Hospital, Pasadena, California, United States
Laparotomy Versus Percutaneous Endoscopic Correction of Myelomeningocele
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Nov 13, 2019
First Received: Feb 27, 2019
Disease(s): Neural Tube Defects, Spina Bifida, Myelomeningocele, Chiari Malformation
Intervention(s): Fetoscopy
Locations: University of Southern California / Huntington Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles, California, United States
Wellington Regional Medical Center, Wellington, Florida, United States
Automated Myocardial Performance Index Using Samsung HERA W10
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Oct 28, 2019
First Received: Oct 28, 2019
Disease(s): Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Neural Tube Defects, Lower Urinary Tract Infection
Intervention(s): Automated Myocardial Performance Index (MPI)
Locations: Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Rochester, Minnesota, United States
Anorectal Dysfunction in Patients Suffering From Spina Bifida : From Clinic to Neuro-epithelial Function (ANOSPIN)
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Aug 28, 2018
First Received: May 12, 2015
Disease(s): Spina Bifida
Intervention(s): Colonic biopsies during endoscopy
Locations: Rennes University Hospital, Rennes, France
Spina Bifida in Daily Life: an Exploratory Study
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Nov 15, 2018
First Received: May 10, 2017
Disease(s): Spina Bifida
Intervention(s): Survey
Locations: UZ Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Efficacy and Safety of Nerve Root Axial Decompression Surgery in The Treatment of Tethered Cord Syndrome
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Sep 27, 2018
First Received: Aug 25, 2017
Disease(s): Tethered Cord Syndrome
Intervention(s): Conservative treatment, Capsule surgery
Locations: Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Fetoscopic Repair of Isolated Fetal Spina Bifida
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Mar 12, 2020
First Received: Mar 27, 2017
Disease(s): Spina Bifida, Myelomeningocele, Chiari Malformation Type 2, Neural Tube Defects, Spinal Dysraphism, Congenital Abnormality
Intervention(s): Fetoscopy
Locations: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, United States